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Roleplaying on Thursday: Scientists and Journalists

November 12, 2012

On Thursday, November 15, we will get in the shoes of scientists and journalists.

  1. Pick a partner. Choose who will act as the scientist and the journalist. Since we have 41 in the class, one pair will have 3 people: 2 journalists, 1 scientist.
  2. From the National Geographic website, choose a full-length science feature. This will be your topic. Submit the topic to me on or before Wednesday. There must be no duplication of topic.
  3. Based on the topic of your science feature, the scientist will assume this is his/her area of expertise. At the same time, the journalist’s role is to write a story about the topic. Be sure to read up about the topic, so scientists can answer the journalist’s questions, and the journalist can ask the right questions to the scientist.
  4. The journalists will schedule an interview with the scientist. All interviews will happen on Thursday, 7 AM. Set a comfortable place where you will conduct an interview. You can use recorders and take down notes on gadgets if you want (as an alternative to the notebook and pen).
  5. On Thursday, 7 AM, the journalist will interview the scientist about the topic. Everybody will come to class at 7 AM and wait for my instructions before proceeding to the interview. The interview will last for 2 hours.
  6. At 9 AM, everybody will come back to class for another activity.

See you!

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