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While I’m Away, Interview A Scientist

November 27, 2012

Hello guys, I and your classmates Kim and Gabrielle are currently at DZR Airport waiting for our 6:55AM Manila flight. While we are away, you will be working on an activity… Interview a scientist. Here’s how you will do it:

  1. Form triads (groups of three). Each group will interview a scientist in VSU. The most important highlight of the interview should be on the journalists’ roles in disseminating information and his impressions of journalists.
  2. Construct questions and present these to other groups for critiquing. The questions should be revised based on the comments of your classmates.
  3. Devote your laboratory time (Thu, 7-10) to conduct the interview. If your scientist-interviewee is unavailable, adjust your schedule accordingly.
  4. Prepare to report about the interview next week using Powerpoint, Impress or Prezi. Deduce from the interview the following: 1) science journalists’ role in disseminating S & T information, 2) the need for the journalists and scientists to work cooperatively, and 3) ways by which journalists and scientists can work together. Of course, include the name of the scientist, his/her field of expertise, and recent research accomplishments and the ones he/she is working on.
  5. Aside from the report, you will write about your experience in interviewing a scientist. Take time to reflect and then write about it.

Prepare for reporting next week, and we will catch up on our missed lecture times. (We may have makeup classes.) God bless!

If you have questions, leave a comment or text me. 🙂

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