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How to Find Credible Sources for Science Stories

February 5, 2013

I have evaluated your story ideas for your straight news. I asked you to make sure your sources are credible. However, it seems you were just blindly groping for/making up reasons why your sources are credible.

Since you are writing about science, you are adopting this principle that we use scientific information published in peer-reviewed publications. CAFS Dean Dr. Vic Asio himself believes it is wrong to disseminate scientific information if the information or data did not go through peer-review.

Dr. Gravoso forwarded a Manila Bulletin article to me. This was earlier forwarded to him by a soil scientist Dr. Ian Navarrete. The article looked great. But the only problem is that, the report did not benefit peer-review. Dr. Gravoso has been reading international newspapers lately and the common denominator is that, they popularize scientific info based on a peer-reviewed paper. This is also the practice of BBC and CNN.
So for this class, your credible written sources should be:
  1. Peer-reviewed publications
  2. Science stories based on peer-reviewed publications

Hope you take note.

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