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Re: Your Article Reading Assignments

November 27, 2012

Hello guys! Yesterday, I was busy preparing for today’s trip. I chose not to hold classes. Anyway, this is a followup on your assignment to read articles of the science topics that interest you. It came to my attention that many of you misunderstood (or exaggerated) the assignment. Please do not stress yourselves out.

May I repeat the instructions:

  1. Choose three science topics that interest you most. (e.g. airplanes, building acoustics, paramecium) [By the way, e.g. is exempli gratia, Latin for ‘for example’]
  2. Open Google Scholar. For each of these three topics, find three articles that has PDFs of the full journal article. Therefore, you will have to find a total of nine articles. (I’ve already discussed to you how to recognize journal articles.)
  3. Keep the PDFs and read them.
  4. On your notebook, write about what you understood from each article. You can jot down your reflections about the findings, say, if they are interesting or worth writing about. You can write about how you feltYou can use 3-5 sentences for each reflection.
  5. At the end part, practice citing the articles in APA Format, 6th Edition.


  • Learn the art of scanning, skimming and focused reading. Since journal articles all start with the abstract, you can easily understand the article by reading it. After that, you can jump to the methodology, then fast forward to the results, then conclusions to come to a more complete understanding of the article. Then you may go back to the start for more focused reading.

If you have questions, you may leave a comment.

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